Music Packs!

I just love to work on this!
Please take a minute and listen
to some of my stuff That's a
awesome option if you can't invest
on a composer right now.

Do you like it? Contact me!

2d Adventure pack

2D Adventure RPG

2d Adventure pack

That's my favorite! It's inspired by a series of pixel art rpg and adventure games! What i like here is the number of variations, you have sad songs, happy songs, battle songs, and more!

Alan Dalcastagne · Adventure and RPG Music
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Ultimate SynthWave


Who does not like Synthwave? Thinking on it i compose and produce that pack! 20 awesome synthwave songs that loops, could you listen? :)

Alan Dalcastagne · Ultimate Synthwave Pack
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Rock and Metal!

Card and Strategy

This was my first pack! Here you'll have metal and rock stuff, that's some orchestral instruments on the songs too, take a minuto to listen the preview, hope you like it!

Alan Dalcastagne · Action Rock and Metal Music
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